Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Is spending too much time on Rummy Games affecting your real-life and work?

Don’t worry, we are here for you. Talk to us @777GamesCare or @777GamesCareForYou. Let’s fix this, together!

Much as we love to have you playing Rummy on our platform, we want you to be mindful of the fact that you can get addicted to these Rummy games. And they become a strong habit if you cannot control your addiction. This may sound difficult, but trust us, you are not alone. We are with you and we will help you play Online Rummy, responsibly.

Like every Rummy lover, you too find Online Rummy games thrilling, because they challenge your thinking and fast calculating skills, push you to outsmart your opponents. And, there are wins and losses. You get super excited when you have a real fast win over other players, or get a surprise cash-bonus, or land in an unexpected big win! While these wins keep you excited, every disappointing loss may push you to play a few more games, to make up for the loss.

Sometimes, you stretch yourself beyond your financial limits and borrow money to play Rummy Online. And this could make you emotionally weak or insecure or worried. We don’t want you to be in this situation. We want you to enjoy playing Rummy on our platform, with you being responsible for yourself, your time, and your money.

As a regulated and professionally built gaming platform, we have ensured a few critical features like a dedicated customer support team, a series of algorithms, etc. Do read through our Responsible Gaming Features as given below.

Rummy777 – Responsible Gaming Features

Block yourself

If you find it hard to control your desire to play Rummy on our platform, tell us how long you want to be away from Rummy-Games. Our blocking algorithm blocks our platform for you, for the period that you have mentioned, which ranges from 15 days to 30 days.

Talk to our customer support team & take a break

If you are not able to control the temptation to play Rummy online, do talk to our customer support team. They will guide you through the process and help you take a week-long break from the platform. During this week, you cannot access your account. You can come back to our platform after a week, or whenever you feel ready.

Follow our alerts on your losses

When you are having a series of losses, our gaming algorithm will start sending personalized calls and alerts, requesting you to stay away from Online Rummy, say for a week. After this week of self-exclusion, when you are in good control of yourself, you can come back and play on our platform.

No to under-age gambling

We do not encourage players under the legal age of 18 to play on our platform. We have implemented a system that screens every new user by verifying his/her KYC documents. Our backend team will give you access to play on our platform only after your documents are verified, completely. If your documents are found to be false, we will take back your wins and initiate legal action against you. We may sound harsh, but we are very serious about Responsible Gaming on our platform.