Hot Tables

Hot Tables

Hot Tables bring down your waiting time.


Who likes to wait? Nobody, right? Long waiting time can take away from the fun of playing online real-money games when you have limited free time during the day or at night. Well, to resolve this challenge, 777Games introduces the Hot Tables that are high-action gaming zones, recommended by our proprietary algorithm to minimize your waiting time and show available tables.

How can you identify the Hot Tables?

When you open the 777Games application, you enter the Home screen, where you can see the recommended tables that are separated Game-wise. There, you have to look for tables having a unique “Spark” symbol on the top, right-hand side.

What are the unique features of the Hot Tables?

The Hot Tables are high-action real money tables. If you have good knowledge of online Rummy games, you can join these tables to compete in a highly competitive environment. Since the bet values are large, the stakes will be higher too. Primarily, players belonging to the higher loyalty levels are shown hot tables as recommended tables. If you are a beginner player, we strongly advise you to play your hand at lighter games having fewer bet values before joining the big leagues at hot tables with skilled players.