Power Coins

Power Coins

While wins feel great and heady, you learn so much more about yourself and your skills from every disappointing loss. Your every mistake, every silly move, and your weaknesses, actually, shape you up as a solid opponent. We, at Rummy777, respect your every attempt and every loss. Because, with every loss, you become tough and determined – you want to try again, you want to play again, you want to get better. Should not such a never-give-up attitude of players deserve a bit of encouragement?

That’s why we are introducing our new reward Power Coins at 777Zones. You get these Power Coins, every time you lost a game. They come to you like a pep talk, to boost your spirit!

How to earn Power Coins?

You can earn Power Coins at 777Zone, in two ways:

  1. You earn Power Coins when you bring your friends to Rummy777 and get them to play on our platform. Every time, when one of your friends joined our Rummy777 platform or made the first deposit here, we will credit Power Coins, as per your loyalty level, to your account.

  2. You get Power Coins, whenever you lost a game as well. For every Rs 100 loss in Rummy/Callbreak/Poker, you earn Power Coins worth _____ based on your loyalty level.

When to burn Power Coins?

You can burn your Power Coins, the extra cash, every Monday and Thursday. The minimum number of Power Coins that you can burn is linked to your loyalty level. While, the total number of Power Coins you have is the maximum number of Power Coins that you can burn, at one time. Depending on the number of Power Coins that you have burnt or used, you also would get a surprise Instant Cash bonus. For example, players who have burnt 1000 Power Coins would earn up to Rs 1000 instant cash bonus.

Note: Only depositors can burn the Power Coins. You need to make a minimum deposit of Rs. 50 to avail of this “Burn Power Coins” option.

Can Mondays be fun? Of course, they can be. Come to 777Zones at Rummy777, where Mondays are not the usual boring and heavy Mondays that all of us hate. On every Monday, you get to burn your Power Coins, win Instant Cash bonuses and join some hi-action packed, thrilling Rummy Games on the platform.

By Thursday, all of us get into the magical Friday and Weekend mood. We love to begin the weekend with a big bang, but some of us don’t like to spend money on Thursdays. We kept in mind this sentiment, and have decided to run “Powerplay on every Thursday” – when you can encash your Power Coins, and also land on a surprise Instant Cash bonus.

How to burn Power Coins?

Open the Rummy777 application, and go to 777Zones. Under 777Zones, select Power Coins. Enter the number of coins that you want to burn, manually. In case, you do not have the minimum number of coins to burn, you either have to play more games or use the ‘Refer and Earn' program to earn more Power Coins. Once you have enough coins to burn, enter the amount and click on the “Burn Now” button. When the pop-up appears, you give your confirmation to burn, like burn “500” coins. After you confirmed your burn request, you will receive a surprise Instant Cash bonus, as per your loyalty level.

Terms and conditions

You can earn Power Coins at 777Zone, in two ways:
  1. Players must be above the age of 18 to participate in this promotion.
  2. Power coins are calculated, on a real-time basis, as per the player’s loyalty level.
  3. Players can earn Power Coins through playing Rummy Cash games, which are part of 777Games.
  4. Players can burn the Power Coins only on the above-mentioned two days, Mondays and Thursdays.
  5. The number of Power Coins a player can earn changes based on his/her loyalty level.
  6. The number of Power Coins that the players can earn as per their loyalty level can change, without prior notice.
  7. If a player indulges in fraudulent activities, his/her lifetime earnings will be revoked by the company.
  8. Since the Power Coins collected by every player expire within 365 days, we encourage players to burn the coins, periodically, on Mondays and Thursdays.
  9. The promotion terms will be as per the site’s terms and conditions. Read more here (The promotion terms & conditions)
  10. Players must adhere to the standard Rummy777 rules, after registering with us.
  11. The management will decide how much money can be rewarded as the Surprise Instant Cash bonus to every player after he or she has burnt the Power Coins. The amount can vary depending on the player’s loyalty level, fraud activity, losses, etc.
  12. The management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion, at any time, without any prior notice.
  13. In case of any discrepancy, the decision of the management would be final and binding.

At Rummy777, we love to treat our users to exciting offers every now and then. Like always, 777zones brings to our users this opportunity to get in-game bonuses. Your ultimate protection against losses. Read on to know more about how to get In-Game bonuses:

Frequently asked questions

When you burn Power coins, the instant bonus that you get is kept as a surprise to make you feel special. you can get as high as Rs.1000 for burning Power coins on 777Games!

Yes, you need to make a first deposit in your account to start burning your Power Coins on Powerplay Mondays and Thursdays and get instant cash bonus credited to your account!

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