In-game Bonus

In-game Bonus

“Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Alfred Pennyworth said these same exact words when bruised, defeated Bruce Wayne sat in front of him, having lost everything that his father had built. This tender moment stayed with us, the viewers, forever, floating now and then to remind us time and again of the real meaning of life. Imagine life with only wins. Will life hold the same essence as it does now? Surely, not.

777Zones introduces the in-game bonus, a tool to keep you engaged with our wide selections of cash games and earn the opportunity to win more cash rewards. Now every time you refer a friend or deposit cash. Every time your friend sign’s up or makes their first three deposits, you get in-game bonuses that will be released along your gaming journey.

How to get In-game Bonus?

At Rummy777, we love to treat our users to exciting offers every now and then. Like always, 777zones brings to our users this opportunity to get in-game bonuses. Your ultimate protection against losses. Read on to know more about how to get In-Game bonuses:

Sign up

As a new player on our platform, you will get your first ever in-game bonus, after you downloaded our android app and created your account.
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On Your every Cash deposit, you will get in-game bonus. You need to follow these steps while making your first deposit: Log on to your Rummy777 App and select the wallet option located on the right-hand top corner. Select “Add cash”. You can add the cash manually or choose a coupon.
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Friend sign up

You can invite your friends to join our platform, by sharing your unique referral code via third-party social media applications like Whatsapp and Facebook. When your friend joins the Rummy777 App using your referral code, you will be rewarded with an in-game bonus.
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Friend’s first 3 deposits

You will also get an additional In-Game bonus when your friend makes his/her first three deposits.
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How In-game Bonus is released?

We will release the In-Game Bonus to your wallet, as a ratio of your game losses. Please note that the amount of In-Game Bonus depends on the losses incurred in a specific type of game. For example for every Rs. 20 Loss in Rummy, we will credit Rs. 1 to your wallet from the issued in-game bonus as per the table below:

DepositIn-game Bonus
Rummy ₹5
Callbreak ₹5
Poker ₹1
Fantasy ₹3

Terms and conditions

  1. The In-Game Bonus will be expired within 5-10 days or when it is released completely to your wallet, whichever is earlier.
  2. The expiry will be mentioned at the time of issuing the In-Game bonus.
  3. The release ratio of the In-Game Bonus of each game is decided by the management and it would be deemed as the final.
  4. The In-Game Bonus that you can receive is at the company’s discretion. It can vary depending on factors like your level, losses, fraud activities (if they are any), etc.
  5. The management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time, without any prior notice.
  6. In case of any discrepancy, the decision of the management would be final and binding.
  7. Players must be above the age of 18 to participate in the promotion.
  8. By registering with us, you must adhere to the standard Rummy777 rules.
  9. The promotion terms will be as per the site’s terms and conditions. Read more here.
  10. If a player indulges in fraudulent activities, his lifetime earnings will be revoked by the company.

Frequently asked questions

In-game bonus have an expiry date ranging from 2 to 15 days depending on the event. Make sure to check the in-game bonus card in 777Zones for more details on expiration of in-game bonuses.

Released in-game bonus Bucket can be seen in the 777Games wallet. It is the accumulation of all the In-game bonus that has been released into the wallet minus all the In-game Bonus that has been utilized for playing games from the wallet

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